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Our story

Keeping trauma patients warm is crucial

Being cold or suffering from so called hypothermia is a condition where the body’s own heat production can’t match the heat loss to the environment resulting in a lowered body core temperature. A recent study from the US trauma database with more than 700.000 trauma patients shows that if the body core temperature is below 35°C the risk of dying increases with 850% compared to patients with a normal body core temperature.

Trauma patients do not die from hypothermia itself - they die of bleeding. Bleeding makes the body loose important oxygen carrying red blood cells used to carry oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.

Trauma patients with substantial bleeding are at risk of entering into the deadly trauma triad of hypothermia, acidosis and coagulopathy. This combination (The Trauma Triad of Death) means that when the body core temperature drops, the acidity in the blood increases and the blood looses it ability to coagulate. Without coagulation it is much more difficult to stop the bleeding and save the life of the patient.

What We Do

Creating the best portable fluid warmer in the world

°MEQU is a medical equipment company creating products centered around the needs of patients in trauma situations. Our vision is to reduce the number of cases of hypothermia and improve the survival and recovery rate of severely injured patients. We believe in faster, better and more intuitive treatments in critical situations.

°MEQU has invented an entirely new way of warming IV-fluids. We have made a pre-hospital product called the °M warmer - a portable IV-fluid warmer for use with trauma victims to pre-heat infusion fluids and blood to an appropriate temperature in order to prevent or reduce hypothermia and thereby increase the survival chance and improve the recovery time for the patient.

We have made a battery operated, portable IV warmer with features that will support and help healthcare professionals to use it directly on the accident site. The warmer is ready in 5 seconds and warms up fluid to 37°C with a flow rate of up to 150mL/min.

As a trained paramedic I experienced how critically injured patients are treated and I saw a huge need for a simple and effetive device to warm up infusion fluids

- Ulrik K. Andersen - Paramedic, Engineer and Founder of °MEQU -

How we work

User centered design approach

Based on a thorough user research we have identified the needs of the users and mapped out the demands and requirements for a good product.

We have involved healthcare professionals like paramedics, surgeons, medicine students and leading experts of hypothermia to help us create the best product.

It has been an iterative and exiting process of developing and testing prototypes with professional users and then changing and testing again. We are proud of the result that is not only our work but also the work of many dedicated and motivated people who have taken time to help us develop a life saving device.

When we treat critical patients we want the products to be intuitive and very easy to implement

- Benedict Kjærgaard - Chief physician & Hypothermia expert -

Who we are

Driven by making life saving products.

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